Gabriel Brückner

A Strategic Design Expert with 8+ years of experience as co-founder and design leader and in fast moving start-up environments, delivering innovative solutions. I work with teams to boost Product Discovery & Design processes and use Design Thinking tools to guide creative innovation and problem solving. 

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Work at Provenance

Turning a laborious manual task into a self-serve assistant on the Provenance web-app

Digital Product Design | Discovery Process | UX/UI | SaaS | Sustainability Marketing Technology

Planning, facilitating and synthesising workshops and design sprints to find solutions for complex problems or explore new ideas

Facilitation | Problem Solving | Team building | Innovation | Design Thinking

Work at Climate Edge

A low cost, IoT, agro-meteorological weather station for smallholder agriculture. 

Hardware design | 3D printing | Rapid prototyping | DFA/DFM | IoT | Agritech

A novel software platform that allows service providers to create and offer valuable services, and smallholder farmers to access these through SMS.

Service design | User experience design | User interface design | User research

My role in an innovative agritech startup, making valuable services available to smallholders in emerging market agriculture. 

Entrepreneurship | Business development | Design management | Business relations

Other Projects

A compact growing environment that empowers anyone to cultivate fresh produce in the home.

Human centred design | Hardware design | Hydroponics | Agritech

The redesign of an inkjet printer based on 6 principles of quality. 

Hardware Design | Sustainability | Design research 

Public Engagement in the Age of the Digital Citizen.
Exploring the 'wicked problem' of declining participation and proposing a concept as part of the solution.

Systemic design | Behavioural design | User experience design

The concept of modularity applied to a highly professional piece of kit.

Hardware design | Sustainability 

A collection of projects related to prototyping, providing an overview of my experience with manufacturing, research and design methodologies.

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