Workshops & Design Sprints

Planning, facilitating and synthesising workshops and design sprints to solve problems or explore new ideas

Over the last two years at Provenance, I have been able to significantly improve my skills in planning and facilitating workshops. In our company Notion workspace I set up a library of different methodologies, activities, and templates for workshops, and have introduced a monthly workshop, flexible in topic an participants.

There is nothing like a collaborative workshop to generate alignment, share insights, and build on each others ideas; and during my time at Provenance I have planned and facilitated dozens of workshops, from one hour sessions to five day sprints. 

Here is an example of the ideas that came out of a workshop. They are grouped and have gone through a dot voting process and are ready for further concept explorations. 

Project Details

While topics or challenges for workshops or sprints are explored with the Head of Product  I plan, facilitate, and synthesise the sessions as well as present the results and carry forward the emerging ideas and concepts.