Workshops & Design Sprints

Mastering Workshops and Design Sprints to drive problem-solving and Innovation, generating our most innovative solutions

Collaborative workshops are invaluable for fostering alignment, sharing insights, and leveraging collective ideas. During my tenure at Provenance, I've led over a dozen workshops ranging from one-hour sessions to multi-day sprints, facilitating innovative ideas and solution building.

Within our company's Notion workspace, I curated a library of various methodologies, activities, and templates for workshops, and initiated a monthly workshop series adaptable in both topic and participants.

Here is an example of the ideas that came out of a workshop. They are grouped and have gone through a dot voting process and are ready for further concept explorations. 

Project Details

Topics, goals, and participants were agreed in collaboration with the Head of Product, and my responsibility was to plan, facilitate, and synthesise the sessions as well as present the results and carry forward the emerging ideas and concepts.