Exhibiting Climate Edge at an event at the Imperial College, London
Presenting at an agricultural conference in Southern India

My role as partner at Climate Edge

As a Partner at Climate Edge, I play a pivotal role in developing commercial strategy and product-market fit. As Chief Design Officer I lead the startup in all design related challenges such as hardware design, service design, user interface design, user experience design and branding.

  • establishing several profitable business relationships

  • representing Climate Edge at international events, client and investor meetings

  • implementing an agile, prototype-driven business development approach

My role as designer at Climate Edge

My design responsibilities include planning and implementing features for Climate Edge’s key product: the SaaS platform. I work closely with the software development team building user friendly interfaces and improving overall user experience.

  • Introducing early and frequent usability testing to shorten feedback loop

  • Managing external design of a data collection app from idea to Google Play store

  • Hands-on implementing of ideas using industry standard design tools and software

Because of Climate Edge's solutions for smallholder farmers and tropical agriculture organisations, I frequently work in locations all across the world and have a good understanding of some of the local agricultural situations.

I have worked on projects in:

  • Kenya

  • Uganda

  • India

  • Indonesia

  • Honduras

  • China

  • Hong Kong