Empower your product team to discover solutions worth building

I work with Product Teams to implement tried and tested design & discovery principles and methodologies, to build confidence, and de-risk product innovations.

Product Discovery can seem daunting and is often not prioritised, making it hard to build confidence before delivering.

Ill defined

What exactly is 'Product Discovery'? It can be hard to define and get buy-in to justify spending time on it.


It's often unclear who in the team conducts discovery activities, and the 'messy middle' remains unresolved.

Not integrated

Teams busy delivering are often unable to advocate for Product Discovery and implement it successfully.

Implement, strengthen, and excel in Product Discovery to enhance delivery and understand how to leverage it to unlock groundbreaking innovation.

Establish the basics

Get team/org wide buy-in and introduce a solid set of tailored Discovery principles and tools

Improve your process

Enhance existing Discovery processes to further empower your product team

Unlock innovation

Leverage Product Discovery principles to drive innovative products

Arrange a call or send an email to discuss how Product Discovery could allow you explore untapped opportunities or improve your product processes. 

My expertise

I am an expert in Digital Product Discovery and leveraging Design Thinking methodologies to set up robust end-to-end product design processes. I can work with teams (Product leads, PMs, UI/UX designers) to implement and improve all important stages from problem validation, research, ideation, prototyping, testing, to building and iterating. 

Design Process Expert

Product Discovery is just an adaptation of tried and tested design processes. With my 10+ years of design expertise, I have mastered these processes and how to leverage them in a digital product context. 

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Drawing from experience as a co-founder in early-stage startups and as a Lead Product Designer in growth-stage ventures, I've learned to drive results even within challenging constraints.

Prototype anything

Prototypes help build confidence in ideas and there are no limits to prototyping. I have build hundreds of them to validate all kinds of ideas, solutions, or assumptions to test, iterate, validate or disprove them.