Assistant to self-serve Proof Point evidencing

Turning a laborious manual task into a self-serve assistant on the Provenance web-app

One of Provenance’s most popular Proof Points - “Recyclable Packaging” - was quite inconvenient for brands to get. It was a confusing and tedious process to understand the criteria, identify the packaging components, assign them to the correct products and generate the evidence required to get the Proof Point accepted. Our goal was to translate this manual process, which required a lot of time from our customer success team and the user themself, into a self-serve assistant accessible to users in the web-app.

I managed the process and carried out most of the end-to-end design of this new feature from the alignment and requirements phase through to validation with customers, refinement and prep for build.

The Discovery Process -  a brief overview

User Feedback on Post-its

The discovery Toolbox in our Notion Workspace was created and is maintained by me, to serve as a library for general workshops and tools to use in the discovery process

Feature Walkthrough

Project Details

This is a live feature of the Provenance Platform. My responsibility was to go through the discovery (Alignment, Research, Ideation) and manage the design (Creation, Validation, Refinement) stages of this feature. Apart from me, there was a Product Manager involved, who came in at certain point to collaborate on requirements and provided feedback to proposed solutions; a UI designer who translated my wireframes into hi-fi UI screens; and an engineer who advised on feasibility throughout the full process and built the feature once it was validated.