Prototyping & modelmaking

NEXO prototyping

The NEXO 3 at the Kosmos Kaffee exhibition
Evaluating different ideas for the NEXO 4 housing, cable management and PCB rack

3D Printing

In recent years I have used 3D printing for many different reasons, from printing purely visual models to mechanisms and functional prototypes.

BBC Podcast about 3d Printing

After we exhibited the 3D printed NEXO weather station at the British Academy 2019 Summer Showcase, I was approached by the BBC to talk with broadcast journalist Ed Butler about how we use this technology and how it has helped us test and innovate at a fast pace. Listen to the podcast here.

Printing of the NEXO 3 housing
Printing of the raingauge
Rain gauge assembly with 3D printed thread

Ceramic Slip Casting

During my semester at Pratt Institute, New York City, I decided to learn more about the slip casting ceramic process which is also used in industrially manufactured ceramics.

Glass blowing

During my semester at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea, I had the opportunity to take a glass blowing class. It was a great introduction into this fascinating craft.