Carry-on NYC

A conceptual Initiative to reduce the use of disposable carryout bags in NYC

Most 'wicked problems' are so difficult to solve because a complex net of interdependencies, changing requirements, or contradicting interests of multiple stakeholders prevent the implementation of a simple solution. 

Single-use, plastic carrier bags are one of these 'wicked problems' with multiple diverging interests by stakeholders like supermarket customers, municipal recycling services, plastic bag manufacturers and more. 

The problem of disposable carrier bags

Plastic bags pose a significant problem around the world and particularly in densely populated areas like NYC. In addition to littering streets, clogging drains and sewers, and costing the city a significant amount of money, disposable carrier bags also endanger the environment and wildlife.

Stakeholder Mapping

The purpose of this document is to provide the necessary information for decision makers and other parties involved to consider an alternative solution beyond a simple fee on bags. It is also a physical manifestation of the data that could be used on an informative online platform on the campaign.